Reaching The State Of Euphoria}

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Reaching The State Of Euphoria


The early summer period is considered ideal for you to take care of your neglected self, to rectify any of your bad winter habits, to find the necessary time to improve your health and fitness levels, to offer some small “gifts” to your body and consecutively to improve the quality of your life. Following the above list is not something one should recommend only to people that are healthy and fit, but most importantly to those who work too much, are always under stress, do not engage in any type of physical activity, and of course, have bad eating habits.

Reduce the Stress Factor: This comes first in this list of advices, since stress is directly related with a variety of health problems. Experts suggest that those suffering from stress should sleep for 30 minutes during the day; apart from the required 6-8 hours of night sleep. Even if your work does not allow you to be home before 6 p.m. try sleeping for half an hour when you get back. It is rejuvenating and equals two hours of night sleep. Moreover, instead of watching TV you should listen to your favorite music, sit comfortably on the couch and read something pleasant. The continuous parade of images on the TV screen increases your stress levels, while reading and listening to a tune can both entertain you and help you reexamine your worries later with a clear head.

Eat Healthier Food: Apart from stress, the high levels of sugar in your blood in combination to an unhealthy diet you follow can weaken your heart. Thus, you should add to your daily nutrition, foods that contain fibers, like whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, pulse, etc. If you cannot say goodbye to sweet flavors, it is best for you to eat dark chocolate, honey roasted nuts or dried fruits. These will provide you with the sugar you want to taste, but will not add tremendously to your daily calorie intake.

Find Time to Exercise: Imperative for your good health and your normal heart’s operation is to exercise regularly and frequently. If it is difficult to find those extra minutes during the day to visit the gym or participate in any sport, select to use the public transportation that is available in your area and get off one stop before your final destination in order to walk; if that is feasible of course. If you have to drive, try parking five minutes further away from your house or office and then walk the rest of the distance. Use the stares instead of the elevator and during the weekend if you select to dine outside your house, go somewhere that you can walk before dinning (e.g. sea, mountain).

Drink Water: Extremely important for your body to stay fit is to drink water. Water is one of the few things you should never exclude from your diet. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and try to choose water instead of a soda drink or coffee during or after dinning.

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News briefs:August 02, 2010

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Getting even with the law: Wikinews interviews New York City’s ‘Jimmy Justice’

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

“What bothers me is watching an officer write someone a summons and then commit the exact same violation with their official vehicle.

A civilian known as ‘Jimmy Justice’ who resides in New York City (NYC), New York, the largest city in the United States, has been videotaping NYC police officers and city workers, breaking the law while on the job.

Since 2007, he claims to have caught “hundreds of officers and other city employees violating the law,” and says he has them all on camera. He has posted his best confrontations with them to the video sharing website YouTube. As a result, Justice states that he has been asked to do a United States television show and Wikinews got an exclusive interview with him. For protection, Justice wished not to be called by his real name in fear of police retaliation.

Last year, Justice videotaped a police officer parking in front of a fire hydrant, but has only recently gained attention on social networking news sites such as Digg and So Wikinews contacted Mr. Justice, known as JimmyJustice4753 on YouTube, for an exclusive interview to find out what caused him to get revenge on the law.

On June 30, 2007, Justice caught officer E. Anderson of the NYPD, traffic division, parking directly in front of a fire hydrant while she went inside a restaurant to take a 15 minute lunch break.

“Do you think there is something wrong with parking a vehicle, blocking a fire hydrant,?” says Justice while following Anderson to her car after her meal.

“Mrs. Anderson I’m talking to you,” says Justice as Anderson ignores him. “You parked your vehicle blocking a fire hydrant. You are not allowed to do that. Somebody else would get a ticket for that. Why are you allowed to do it? You should be ashamed of yourself Mrs. Anderson.”

By this time, the incident has gained the interest of people nearby the scene and passing it. One unidentified woman, who claims to be a retired NYC police officer decides to intervene stating that people “are not supposed to film any police, [or] anybody employed with the police department because of the terrorism.” A short time later the woman walked off camera.

Since 2007 Justice says he has caught “hundreds of law enforcement officers and city officials” on “over 30 hours of video” violating laws from illegal U-turns in business districts to blocking bus stops and fire hydrants. Justice has only uploaded the “most colorful ones to YouTube” and recently, on April 8, 2008, Justice videotaped a NYPD tow truck officer blocking a hydrant while he also ate lunch inside a restaurant. According to NYC law, it is illegal for any vehicle to park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant and to park in front of a bus stop. It is also illegal for any person to make a U-turn in a business district. Fines for these violations can cost a driver up to US$115.00 for each violation occurred.

When Wikinews asked Justice why he decided to start filming the violations made by officials he answered, “what bothers me is watching an officer write someone a summons and then commit the exact same violation with their official vehicle. I started making these videos to remind the officers (and complacent civilians) that City employees have to abide by the same laws that they are paid to enforce. I plan on doing this and inspiring others to do this as well as a means of leveling the playing field against discourteous officers.”

“In NYC, the traffic cops are notorious for their draconian indiscretion in handing out summonses to civilians for petty violations. Obviously the laws are not enforced as a matter of public safety, but rather to raise revenue,” added Justice.

Justice makes little effort to get the violations on videotape saying “all I have to do to catch them is open my eyes.”

“The problem with abuse of authority is rampant in New York City. I take my video camera with me on the way to work and on the way to social events and band rehearsals and when I see action it takes me less than 4 seconds to have the camera out and in record mode,” states Justice.

His videos have drawn the attention of media and he has been featured on ABC’s ‘I-caught videos’ and Inside Edition. Justice also states that the popularity of his videos have gotten the attention producers in Hollywood, California and as a result, there are plans for a television show.

Since Justice began getting even with officials and their violations, he states that there has been a positive change in the communities.

“The publicity my videos have received has effected positive change in the community, but we still have a long road ahead of us,” added Justice.

As a result of his videos, at the time the NYPD launched an investigation into the violations, but it is not known if any officers were charged or punished. Justice himself has never been arrested, but has been assaulted.

“I have never been arrested for this yet but they have threatened me with arrest. I have been spit on, cursed at, assaulted, and I had 2 cameras broken already,” added Justice.

Fancied Long Leather Gloves In Style

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By Shelly Resta

These long leather gloves have ever stay in style whether on that point occurred the long sleeved or those historic bell shaped clothes. These gloves can be borne occasionally as well as all day and night. These are the legendary gloves amongst ladies since 1950s way. These are the polished, refined and very gracefully intentional gloves which have become the dearies for fair sexes.

These long leather gloves can be borne once in a while. These are viable in the marketplace of extraordinary length like Opera and elbow length and are in general congratulate voguish long formal apparels. These are also duplicate with the long unbraced or sleeve less long evening gowns.

These gloves can be accompanied with musical events, marriage ceremonies, dance and dinner parties, theater and otherwise business and public events. ma’am congratulate these gloves with their evening wears clothes that look stunning.

on that point are also independent leather getting gloves which saves hands from cuts, injuries and otherwise damages. on that point are made one airing out hole so that the hands get the seize air and it also looks cool while energizing also. These gloves are ready in many flairs and sizes of it to accommodate everyone.

YouTube Preview Image

at that place are also fluid overwinter leather gloves which protect the hands and arms from cool drifts and give a live looks. They look much jauntier while wearing as they are totaled with incremental fur at the wrist or elbow that makes them very in and cool.

Cashmere long glove w accumulated: these are the 8 button length Cashmere gloves wore with t-shirts which seems so clean while wearing. planned by Carolina Amato, they have got a direct collecting at the wrist which makes them look so fashionable and nice look that they are preferred amongst Fair Sexes. Thee are open black in color, and several sizes like small, medium, and large.

Combined Glove: these are fashionable looking leather glove. The leather hand and palm gloves are warm with a warp at the end of the wrist. The heave is congratulated with a matching wool fabric which looks so stylish while wearing. These are viable in black and teal colors. The sizes like small, medium and large are all available.

Long leather Zipper Gloves: these are all easy set to go and give such a voguish look that they mesmerise the wearer while wearing them. These are silk lines gloves which depends pleasing while wearing. They are easy in different sizes like 7, 7.5 and 8.

Long Sermoneta black leather belt gloves: these are made up of child leather and are brown in color. The cashmere drawing is tender which looks astounding. Fair Sexes prefer enduring them with the bell formed sleeves sweater knee length coat. These tall leather long gloves are fluid in the, market in illustrious chocolate brown color with Panna sewing together and piping. There are loose various sizes like 6.5, 7, 7.5,8 in the, market which make fit suitable for any one.

These leather long gloves are the most best-known amazing ladies due to their modern facing innovations and leather protects skin from many types of hurts also.

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Pittsburgh playwrights pen furry musical, invite Anthrocon attendees to observe reading

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Friday, July 6, 2007

When Pittsburgh lyricist Bill Medica and musician JC Carter saw the influx of furries for the first Anthrocon in their city, they were mystified. But as they observed Anthrocon 2006, their thoughts on furries changed.

“They’re not afraid to be themselves,” said Carter. “When they left, the magic left.”

“They were such a force,” added Medica.

Inspired by their experience, they decided to write a play entitled Furry Tales. It is the story of four friends: BlueWolf22, MisoKitty2, HuggyBunny and Gorillanator. They met online and agree to meet at a furry convention. As it turns out, BlueWolf22 is an imposter, sent by an online magazine called “” (an obvious play on Something Awful, a site frowned on by the sub-culture for their coverage) in an effort to get some steamy content on the debauchery that supposedly permeates the furry fandom. However, BlueWolf’s opinions change, and he discovers he is a peer to his new furry friends.

Wikipedia describes furry fandom as “a fandom distinguished by its enjoyment of anthropomorphic, often humanoid, animal characters. Examples of anthropomorphism in the furry fandom include the attribution of human intelligence, facial expressions, and sometimes anatomy, speech, bipedalism, and the wearing of clothes.”

The world’s largest furry convention, Anthrocon takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania each July. Its focus is on furries: fictional anthropomorphized animal characters in art and literature.

The first staged reading of Furry Tales will occur on July 5, 2007, on the first day of festivities for Anthrocon 2007, at the CLO Cabaret. Medica and Carter planned it for July 5 in the hopes that furries attending Anthrocon will provide input for improving the final product. The Chairman of Anthrocon Dr. Samuel Conway has been invited to the reading, and he has confirmed plans to attend.

Tickets may be reserved online for $15 each plus a service charge of at least $7.50 from Pittsburgh Cultural District.

In related news, Anthrocon has selected local no-kill animal shelter Animal Friends as its 2007 charity. The shelter will benefit from the proceeds of Anthrocon’s annual charity auction, which raised $5,845 for the Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage last year (the charity’s total revenue was $8,400). Representatives of the charity will also be available as in the dealers room.

The Three Most Recognized Ways Of Providing Senior Care}

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The Three Most Recognized Ways of Providing Senior Care


Vikram Kumar

Old age is a challenging time, though these are the golden ages that only a few make it to live through. It is important that the proper care be given to senior citizens since they have requirements that may slightly varied from what persons in their middle ages would require. As imperative as it, knows the possible ways that can be used to channel senior care to the recipients is one of the noble pieces of knowledge that one can profess when such need comes calling. So here are a few ways than one can adopt if they want to care for their aging parents or loved ones that may require such specialized attention.

Personal provided care

YouTube Preview Image

This is one of the most readily available forms of channeling acre to your loved one, but it is only applicable in a limited number of circumstances. For persons who do not have formal employment from their homes and are instead available at the home most of the time then this is the most reliable way to care for their aging parents. Such will apply if you are also undertaking on other profitable tasks within your own home setting and you have most of the time to look after them while you conduct other business which implies that you will have a firsthand experience in knowing exactly what they need and how to make it available. However, this mode of care may not be appropriate for persons working on other formal employment and are away from the home for most of the time which then allows you to explore other options.

Employing a home care

This is an applicable channel of providing the seniors with care where their loved ones have limited time possibly due to work engagements or other demanding activities. Employment of such helps needs to be done in a transparent way putting in minds the skills and professionalism of such persons to take care of the old. This will allow for proper care to be accorded as it is required. In utilization of this channel of care, it is highly advised that you keep in touch with both the aid, and the aging loved one to see how well they are coping with each other. Such contact will also be important in assessing the situation on needs and success and hence take all necessary steps to ensure that all aspects of senior care are put into consideration. This mode of care can also be utilized in the cases where personal care is provided to act as a complementary.

Senior homes

This is the third and the most versatile option that can be pursued in a diverse number of circumstances. For parents who may need more professionalized senior care, it is imperative that they be attended to by professional senior care professionalized. This option can be adopted so easily and more conveniently where the would-be care givers are having other engagements, which may be equally important. Such homes provide different types of professional personnel capable of providing professional care for different needs and are thus applicable to any set of requirements.

Further information on the services provided by http://www.lifespireassistedliving.comsenior care homes alongside the things that you need to consider for taking your loved ones to a

senior home

, please visit the company website which provides a more detailed look into the numerous services that make such homes a reputable alternative for assisted living.

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The Three Most Recognized Ways of Providing Senior Care

46 illegal Afghan immigrants suffocate in truck in Pakistan

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

 Correction — Nov 1, 2013 The article below claims each passenger paid 4000 to 8000 USD. Each paid 30,000 Rupees, equivilent at the time to about US$375. 

The bodies of 46 Afghan illegal immigrants who suffocated to death in a container truck Saturday near Quetta, Pakistan, returned home Tuesday.

The Edhi Foundation placed the victim’s bodies into coffins to transport them back to Chaman. Funeral prayers were said before victims left Quetta hospital. “We are taking these dead bodies to Spin Boldak and later these will be flown to Kabul by helicopter. We are thankful to Pakistan government for every help,” said Afghan consul general Daud Mohsini.

Afghan officials received the bodies from The Edhi ambulances and Pakistan police escorts at the Pak-Afghan border Bab-e-Dosti (Friendship Gate). Security was high and traffic was backed up at the border crossing. The bodies were taken to Kandahar then to Kabul before they were laid to rest in their home towns.

Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan dispatched aircraft to Pakistan to bring home the 46 victims. Poor weather grounded the planes, and the bodies were driven back across the border.

Pakistan police found a locked truck packed with approximately 111 Afghan illegal immigrants around 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Quetta on Saturday. The driver had fled the scene where 62 people were initially pronounced dead. Police said that from the strong smell emanating from the truck, the victims may have died days before they were discovered.

45 other people were found unconscious and taken directly to the hospital. At hospital two more migrants died. “The death toll is 46,” said Ghulam Dastagir, a police official.

Wazir Khan Nasir, a senior police official said, “We have been able to talk to some of the people, who were trapped in the container. They were all Afghans in the container and the container was going to Iran, When the condition of people inside the container deteriorated, the driver fled, leaving the container.”

Survivors have reported that a human smuggling racket locked 64 Kabul residents and 37 Spin Boldak residents in the truck container Friday afternoon. The truck’s air conditioning unit stopped working causing the locked passengers to cry out for help which was unheeded by the truck’s driver, and they fell unconscious. However, the loud ruckus caused by the trapped people inside did alert police and local residents to their plight.

The trip had cost each illegal immigrant US$4,000 to 8,000 for the trip. Gul Zameen, a survivor said, “We are all poor and wanted to find jobs in Quetta and Iran.”

The survivors have been charged under the Foreigners Act and some have been detained. Karzai has ordered an investigation and “demanded people avoid dangerous illegal migration and not be deceived by smugglers.” “We’ll go to Pakistan and talk to the survivors to find out what had exactly happened. The culprits will be brought to justice,” said Moheeddin Baluch head of the investigating delegation.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is also investigating. Five suspects believed to be involved in running the human smuggling racket have been arrested.

US salmonella outbreak linked to peanut butter, brand recalls product

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an outbreak of salmonella that has affected at least 399 people in 42 different U.S. states has been linked to King Nut, an American brand of peanut butter. In Minnesota, the state’s Health Department announced that bacteria tests for the disease on a tub of creamy King Nut peanut butter had tested positive for the disease, initiating a recall by its distributor in Solon, King Nut Companies.

Workers found evidence from these tests that the brand caused the outbreak. This has not been completely proven, however, as the Food and Drug Administration and King Nut itself are still conducting tests to discover if the case is isolated or related to the nationwide incident.

According to a statement made by the Health Department, the brand is used in many places including schools, hospitals, some restaurants and retirement homes, 20 alone being in Minnesota. A tub of peanut butter used inside of a retirement home where many of its citizens had become sick was tested positive by Minnesota’s health department.

We are very sorry this happened. We are taking immediate and voluntary action because the health and safety of those who use our products is always our highest priority.

Yesterday, King Nut Companies recalled all peanut butter distributed by their company. The president of King Nut Companies, Martin Kanan, said in a statement yesterday, “We are very sorry this happened. We are taking immediate and voluntary action because the health and safety of those who use our products is always our highest priority.”

In a web statement, King Nut told all of its customers to “put on hold all of their peanut butter in question. A recall of this product will be announced Monday morning. At this point it is unclear what Peanut Corporation of America will do with regard to this case or the national case of the salmonella outbreak.” The Peanut Corporation of America, located in Lynchburg but also operating in the states of Texas and Georgia, is the manufacturer for King Nut.

Salmonellosis is an infection of salmonella bacteria that usually results in diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. These symptoms are normally developed 12 to 72 hours after a person is infected, and can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Most of the time, the infected person will recover from the disease, but younger and older people have higher risks of it developing and becoming serious. Rarely, salmonella can cause hospitalization, and very rarely, it can lead to death.

Diary of a Chinese kid

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Diary of a Chinese kid

I am Tim, a non-native English user in China. Though,I am in the International Division of Shanghai High School(I am in middle school,fifth grade). We got great English teachers,and that is how I can write to you in this moment.

We are going to have MAP test tommorrow. Shit,I thoght,another day of test since we got monthly test today.Then,I got to the rest of the ridiculous school day.(Sorry,I really hate to write my feelings online)(I also lost my lunch money so I did nt eat lunch)
When I got home, I checked on my laptop and fixed mistakes on Wikipedia.All of a sudden,three users revert my details(though the last time the information I got for the article is great). THEN I STARTED TO DO MY HOMEWORK and read a book calledThe Mark of Athenaby Rick Riordan.
OK,so I wrote this thing short.But if you want ,you can ask me to write it into 4-5 pages long

Nearly Half Pound Of Pepper Prices Rose This Year To Exchange Pounds Of Pork Pepper

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By Himfr Paul

This year pepper, aniseed, mushrooms, etc. are quietly rising prices of agricultural products, the current price of good quality pepper is 25 yuan / kg, compared to same period last year to 18 yuan / kg, Nearly half of the price rises. Reporter yesterday learned from the beautiful land of agricultural markets, currently the best hemp products with the highest price reached 35 yuan pepper / kg, 16 yuan per catty of aniseed price is three times the price a year earlier. As the new year, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed not yet listed, producing less inventory, the recent round of high prices is still hard to lower.

“Sold out of this bag, I will not purchase, and are no longer marketable.” Boss of the Office of Ocean Road, wholesale seasoning Ms. Lee faced a bag full of pepper frustration. She said that now pepper prices rose too fierce, the average price also was 25 per pound, such a high price sometimes are not sell a pound a day.

In the Glorious Land Wholesale Market, there is a pepper prices were relatively higher wholesale price to 35 yuan / kg, the four cluster of pepper. Marketing Manager, said Wang Lei, Sichuan pepper is famous, all over dealers love to Sichuan getting goods. However, Southwest’s “late spring” to a lot of pepper seedlings were frozen to death had frostbite, but they run into the hundred years of drought. “Now the Chinese prickly ash are basically stock, the new pepper 1 cut, local people have to hoard.”

YouTube Preview Image

Starting from April, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces of pepper seedlings to extreme weather, resulting in more than half of pepper cut. So from April pepper prices continued to rise since the current price of good quality pepper is 25 yuan / kg, compared to same period last year to 18 yuan / kg, Nearly half of the price rises. Emerging market information center related to official said, and now the new pepper has been listed, as listed reduced, but also the existence of the phenomenon of commercial speculation, is expected to pepper the short term prices can not come down substantially.

Aniseed wholesale prices are abnormally high, only 5-6 per kilogram last year, and now the average price to 16 yuan. Reporter has learned that the mushrooms produced in Fujian this year was higher price trends, usually more than 20 dollars a pound of mushrooms, now more than a dozen of your dollars, the wholesale price of 38 yuan / kg.

“The vendors are now producing is difficult to receive the pepper from a pepper farm there.” Beijing a year-round supply to domestic supermarkets pepper, aniseed, etc. seasoning company official told reporters, currently marketed pepper, aniseed most last year’s inventory, place of origin affected by the weather this year in addition to severe cuts, while the local stock shortage of hot money in the store goods are difficult to control behavior, “the market price changes day by day, as the broker for not store goods, and supermarkets has not allow us to easily price adjustment can only follow the market or even lose money to sell. ”

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